About Us

Who We Are

IFSM issues international valid certificates to all the candidates when complete the training successfully.Since inception, IFSM has trained and placed hundreds of participants in secure jobs as safety officers in india and abroad. Because of this it is easy for anyone undergoing the training to get an embassy attestation if they plan to work abroad. IFSM's programs will help you master the full spectrum of the safety regulations that need to be followed when becoming a safety officer to complete a job succesfully.

IFSM provides case studies on accident investigation and documentation, toolbox talk, risk assessment, job safety analysis and site observation.Because our training programs are interview oriented, it is easy for those committed to get through interviews for jobs whether domestic or abroad.

Our Mission

LTo ensure all our clients and their employees receive world class compliance training. To proactively support the achievement of our client’s health and safety objectives by providing high quality training, development, and placement services.

To impart and demonstrably improve qualities like emergency response readiness, competency, flexibility, consistency, and provide real value and customer service that is second to none and uniquely suited to meet all your safety training requirements.

Our Vision

We intend to take up the challenges in this modern day sophisticated business environment regarding safety, security and protection, and make our world a secure, and accident free place..